Interested In Becoming A Veterinarian? Information To Help You

The veterinary field is great for anyone that loves animals. This is also a great field to get into as you will be helpful to owners as well. There are steps you need to take to become a vet, however. Keep reading so you can be successful. Get a Bachelor's Degree You will need to first get a bachelor's degree before you can become a vet. Many people choose to get a degree in biology sciences, which includes chemistry, biology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

2 Things You Should Know About The Dogo Argentino

If you are looking for a protective and local dog, then you might want to consider getting a dogo argentino. This dog breed is relatively young, only around 100 years old. They were originally bred to be used in big game hunting. If you look at the dogs that went into the foundation of the dogo argentino, you will see a lot of hunting dogs and a lot of dogs with solid, muscular bodies.