2 Things You Should Know About The Dogo Argentino

If you are looking for a protective and local dog, then you might want to consider getting a dogo argentino. This dog breed is relatively young, only around 100 years old. They were originally bred to be used in big game hunting. If you look at the dogs that went into the foundation of the dogo argentino, you will see a lot of hunting dogs and a lot of dogs with solid, muscular bodies. Antonio Nores Martinez also wanted the dogs he was breeding to be very protective and loyal to their people. Before you buy one of these dogs, you need to know some things so that you know that you are getting the right dog. You need to make sure that you and the dog breed are a good match. 

Strong Willed

The dogo argentino is a very strong willed dog. That means that unless you can be firmly in the leadership position in your household pack, they may end up running the house. You will need to be firm with them so that they know you're the boss. Taking obedience classes when your puppy is little can be helpful, because that can give you some tools to make sure that you are the leader in your house. Even with their strong will, they can be relatively easy to train. 


Protectiveness is one of the traits that the dogs were bred for, so they are going to be very protective of your family and children. Because of this protective trait, you want to make sure that your dog has been socialized well, starting from a young puppy. The breeder should start this process by handling the puppies when they are little so that they are used to people. As the puppies get older, it will be important to introduce them to other people and other situations so that your dog is going to be comfortable in all kinds of situations. This won't lessen their protectiveness, but it will make it so that your dog isn't going to be trying to protect you or your children in places and from people that would be inappropriate. 

If you are looking for a cheerful dog that is loyal and will be a good guard dog or will watch over your family, you might want to think about getting a dogo argentino. You want to make sure that you do some research on the breed before you make your final decision so that you are getting a good match for you. 

For more information on dogo argentino puppies for sale, contact a breeder.