Great Things About Medium-Sized Dogs

When looking for a puppy for your family, you'll want to have a head start on finding the right puppy. This means determining what breed is going to be the best for your family once the dog grows up. In many cases, people find that a medium-sized dog will work out best for their families. Here are some reasons why medium-sized dogs are such a good choice for so many, and maybe for you as well:  

Medium-sized dogs work out well in most homes

If you have a very small home, then a big dog might end up being too much in the limited space. They can end up getting in the way a lot, especially when they want to be with you and you are in small spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom. However, a medium-sized dog won't have such an overwhelming presence in the space. Imagine a Great Dane in a small apartment, and you'll better understand how this can be problematic. However, a medium-sized dog, like a bully, can work out well. 

They won't be so fragile

One of the problems that can come with a small dog is that they can end up being so fragile. If you have young children, then they can end up injuring a very small dog when all they were trying to do was play with it. Also, small dogs tend to like to follow their owners from room to room. This causes them to always be underfoot, which can lead to you tripping over them and injuring them. A medium-sized dog won't come with some of the problems small dogs do, and they will also be hardier. Your children can play with them without nearly as much worry about them hurting the dog. Also, even if you do trip over your dog, the chances are good that a medium-sized dog won't be seriously injured from the incident. 

They can be a lot of fun 

A medium-sized dog will fit well in the car, so they can travel with the family. They won't have a problem keeping up with you on long hikes, or when you jog. One medium-sized breed you might want to consider is the bully. The bully is a medium-sized breed that tends to have a great personality. They are charming, intelligent, friendly, playful, and easy to train. This breed does well with children, as well. Also, with a proper upbringing, bullies can get along great with other pets. 

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