3 Things To Request When Buying An American Bully From A Breeder

Buying an American Bully from a breeder means doing your due diligence to make sure that you get what you are paying for. After all, you want your new puppy to be a forever part of your family! Here are a few things to request when buying from an American Bully breeder:

A Facility Tour

One important thing to request when buying an American Bully from a breeder is a facility tour. You should be able to see how the puppy grew up and how they were cared for from the time they were born. You should have access to their living, sleeping, and playing quarters, and be able to learn more about how they have been fed and what kind of relationship they have with other dogs.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the facility and the accommodations they afford their pups. If they will not allow you access to their breeding facility, chances are that they have something to hide and they may not be taking proper care of their dogs and pups. If this is the case a puppy purchased from them may be more susceptible to disease and various health problems as they age.

Paperwork for the Parents

To ensure that the American Bully you are adopting is purebred, it is a good idea to request paperwork for the parents of the pup. The paperwork should indicate the parent's breed, whether they are registered with the American Bully Kennel Club or any other organization throughout the world. The paperwork should also indicate whether any competitions have been won and whether health problems, like hip dysplasia, are prominent in the dog's bloodline.

If the breeder cannot produce any paperwork for the parents of the puppy you want to adopt, you may not be adopting an American Bully at all which could be disappointing as the dog gets older and starts showing their lifelong characteristics. You could be adopting a dog that comes from mixed breeds and that barely resembles an American Bully when all is said and done.

A Health Certificate

Another important thing to request when adopting an American Bully puppy is a health certificate. If the breeder can present a health certificate, it means that they have spent the resources necessary to have the puppy seen by a qualified veterinarian to ensure that their health is in good condition. This should help ensure that you do not end up with bad news about a problem like a heart murmur or a genetic defect when you take the puppy to see a vet yourself.