Dog Grooming: Good for Your Dog's Health

Have you noticed how some people's pets always seem to look perfect, while others look less than? Chances are that the first type of owners frequent their local dog groomer, while the latter does not hold that as a high priority. Some people may think it is frivolous, but taking your canine to a dog groomer frequently actually has more benefits than you may realize. Some of these health benefits of working with dog groomers include:

Checking for Injuries

If your pet has tons of hair and fur hanging around their body, you may not be able to see or notice if they have swelling, minor cuts, or conditions such as thrush. In fact, many owners discover such injuries only after their dog has been groomed. While you as an owner should be vigilant about making sure your pet is healthy, dog groomers have the training to recognize any problems that you may have missed. 

Reducing the Risk of Infection

One of the most frequent areas where dogs can develop an infection is their paws. This is often due to poor nail hygiene. If your pet's nails get too long they can actually affect how they walk, potentially causing arthritis or pain later on in life. If their nails are cut too short, raw nerves in the nail could be exposed, leaving them in pain and at risk of getting an infection. Some owners feel confident enough to attempt nail clipping at home, while others rely on groomers to keep their pet's paws healthy. 

No Ticks

Ticks can be a real problem depending on which part of the country you live in. Ticks are tiny bugs that dig into the skin and tap into the blood supply of their host. Areas in the northeast of the nation are highly populated with ticks, which can put dogs at significant risk. Dog groomers are masters of identifying and removing ticks, which could ultimately keep your pet healthy and happy. 

In conclusion, getting your dog groomed regularly is one of the best things you can do for their physical and mental health. A quick online search can reveal skilled dog groomers in your area. If you are still unsure of who to trust your pet to, talk to other dog owners in the area. Since some groomers specialize in specific breeds, finding another dog of the same breed as yours could be very beneficial as well.