How To Get Your Attached Pup Ready For Doggie Daycare

Many dogs are fine to stay home alone while you go to work or take care of your usual routine. However, if you work long hours or have to stay away from home for a while, doggie daycare can be ideal. Here are a few ways to get your dog prepared.  

1. Get your puppy socialized as much as possible

At the doggie daycare, your dog will likely have its own space, but they still may also be interacting with other dogs and they will definitely be interacting with other humans. Do what you can before committing to daycare to make sure your canine is well-socialized. Take it to the dog park, to visit other people, and even in stores where pets are allowed to get them accustomed to being around others with both two legs and four. 

2. Make sure your pooch is vaccinated and parasite-free

Most doggies daycares will require that any dog that comes to the facility to stay for care is up to date on their vaccinations and has generally good bill of health from the vet. With multiple dogs at the facility, any problems with just one dog can quickly spread to all the others. Therefore, it is best to get your puppy to the vet before you search for a place to make sure they:

  • have gotten their vaccinations 
  • do not have any contagious illnesses or diseases 
  • are free of parasites like fleas and worms 

3. Go for a visit to the doggie daycare facility

When you have found the doggie daycare that seems like it would be the best one for you and your dog, schedule a quick visit to the facility just so your puppy can get introduced. Dogs get to know a place by the way it smells and sounds, so a brief visit with you present can help them feel more at ease when the day comes when they do stay at the facility for care while you are away. 

4. Start with short stays in the beginning if at all possible

Instead of committing to a full day of care at the facility, in the beginning, allow your dog to stay at the facility for short stays initially. These short stays will not be so stressful on the dog while they get used to their surroundings without you present. You can gradually work your way into a longer stay, but communicate openly with the care provider to see how the dog responds while you are away; some dogs can get adjusted rather quickly.