Ways to Prevent Your Goldendoodle from Wandering

Keeping your puppy safe should always be one of your top priorities if you want to add one to your family. There are several different ways that a puppy's safety can become jeopardized, but few things are more concerning that the dog wandering off your property. Some puppies are happy to stay put, but others have a moderate or even a high tendency to wander. Goldendoodles can be especially prone to wandering, given their curiosity and high energy levels. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your new puppy from wandering, including the following methods.


One of the best ways — although not necessarily the simplest — to keep your Goldendoodle puppy from wandering is to properly train it. A well-trained dog is apt to stay by your side rather than risk walking off your property and either getting hurt or getting into mischief. You'll want to train your dog to come on command — which is beneficial for far more than just keeping it from wandering. This way, when your dog approaches your property line, you can call it and be confident that it will come to you. Some gentle discipline when the dog wanders off your property can also teach it not to repeat this behavior. You may only need to use this discipline once or twice, as Goldendoodles are quick learners because of their intelligence.


Installing a fence around the perimeter of your property can be an effective tool for keeping your dog from wandering. A fence isn't an alternative to proper training, but it can help your peace of mind. For example, you'll be able to put your dog out into the yard and be confident that it won't wander off because of the presence of the fence. There are many different fence styles that you can consider, including those that you can see through — such as wrought iron — and those that you can't — such as wood.

Invisible Fencing

Not every family wants a fence around their yard. If you aren't keen on a traditional fence but still want to decrease the risk of your Goldendoodle wandering, invisible fencing can be the answer. This type of fence is buried under the ground around the yard's perimeter and transmits a signal to a special collar that your Goldendoodle will wear. As the dog approaches the property's perimeter, the signal will become strong and compel the dog to retreat.

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