Building A Relationship With A Reptile

When owning a reptile, most owners will focus on caring for the reptile and creating an environment that is ideal for the reptile to thrive. This often includes maintaining the right temperature and providing your reptile with enough food. However, some pet owners wonder if their reptile can bond with them and whether reptiles can even be trained. 

Emotions Experienced By Reptiles

Reptiles are believed to experience emotions, but they are often more limited than what a mammal or bird might experience. Most animals will show aggression and fear, but snakes have also been shown to experience excitement and have also exhibited curiosity. For example, if there is something new that your snake may be able to experience, such as a new bedding, it might gravitate toward that.

Handling and Petting Reptiles

Some reptiles have shown pleasure with human contact. For example, iguanas have been shown to enjoy being petted by humans. Also, reptiles that were previously afraid of you might eventually become desensitized. But this depends on the reptile.

Taming Reptiles

Reptiles have not been bred to be more docile like various domesticated species. Pet snakes do seem to be more docile than snakes found in the wild. However, you may be able to train some species to be calm and eat food out of your hand. Others might try to bite you. When shopping for a reptile, look for one that already seems tame before purchasing it.

Some reptiles enjoy being held. For example, some species of snakes enjoy being held by their owners because they enjoy the sensation of your body heat. However, each reptile has its own personality and you will need to become accustomed to his or her personality if you want to get the most out of your pet.

Taking Your Reptile Outside

If you own a turtle, you can enjoy time outside with him or her. Turtles and tortoises enjoy being outside because they like digging. However, you'll want to make sure that it's warm enough for your turtle and you'll want to watch so he or she doesn't escape.

Training a Pet Reptile

Turtles and snakes can be smart enough to be trained somewhat. You should not expect a reptile to understand a voice command like a dog could. However, by providing the reptile with the right treats, you can train your reptile to engage in behaviors to receive a particular reward. 

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